Straddle Hoist
We are the major supplier of both new and used straddle hoists for boatyards and shipyards in our region. We have an assortment of sizes and manufacturers to choose from. If we do not have it, we will find it for you.

The latest projects were the supply of 2 units of straddle hoists to the Singapore Police Coast Guard and to the Marina Barrage for the Public Utilities Board.

Marine Forklift
With our marine forklifts, you will have the ability to lift vessels up in the air and manoeuvre the vessel with dexterity to place them out into the water and safely back into storage easily.

The marine forklifts come in a variety of sizes, and we can recommend the most suitable system for your needs based on factors such as the size and mix of boats, the size of the storage facility, the configuration of land and access to the water.

Miscellaneous marine lifting equipment
For other miscellaneous lifting equipment, please contact us.
Yacht Management
Different yachts have varying technical and administrative requirements...
Crew placement is about carefully analysing the requirements of the available position so we can find you specific individuals...
Yacht Delivery
We will ensure that your yacht is delivered safely, timely and professionally at an affordable rate...